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If you live in Peoria or are passing through, you can depend on Mike’s Tech Transmission to take care of your car maintenance and repair needs. If you have an auto electrical issue you need to be fixed, you deserve to get the work done professionally and quickly. Otherwise, your car will continue to cause you problems.

If you look around the Peoria, AZ area for an auto electrical repair service, you will see that we have a strong reputation. We take pride in our superior customer service and excellent work record. We understand all there is to know about auto repair so our customers can be assured that their vehicle is in the hands of an expert.

Most people understand that the auto industry has changed over the last few decades. Sometimes all they know is that modern cards have changed in appearance and the way they drive. However, there are a great number of changes that have taken place under the hood and around the rest of the vehicles.

Keeping up with these changes means that we have the knowledge needed to help fix any electrical problem that arises in a modern car. It also means that we have the ability and knowledge to fix older models. Fortunately, we focus our attention on providing all of our customers with excellent service. Our fully trained technicians know how to recognize automotive electrical failure and are able to determine the most effective way to repair it.

When a customer brings their car into our shop, we do a complete diagnostic test. This is the best way to determine what’s going on. After all, it can be expensive to fix what “might” be the problem, especially if your guess is wrong. We never want a customer to pay for something that is unnecessary and unexpected.

We start our search by looking at what’s going on with the battery. For many people having electrical issues, the problem starts with their battery. These issues can range from a very simple problem to needing a replacement battery and some related components.

For many people, the battery trouble may be caused by a build-up of corrosion on the connections. When this occurs, your car won’t work. At Mikes Tech Transmission, we can get that cleaned for you. This will ensure there is not any further damage to your car’s electrical system.

Even if your car starts, you may notice that the electronic display areas or gauges are not reading properly. If this happens, you should have a member of our staff take a look at your vehicle to discover the problem. It’s possible that other systems have been influenced by your electrical issue. That’s why you need to have quality diagnostic equipment analyze your system and determine the root of your vehicle’s issues.

In order to ensure your car will continue to work properly, you must eliminate the possibility of experiencing a malfunction at a crucial moment. The only way to keep your vehicle safe and functional is to fix trouble as soon as you see the signs and make sure your car is inspected regularly.

Intermittent problems can be frustrating for our customers. When this happens, we recommend you take notes about the weather, driving conditions, and other relevant data about when the issue starts and stops. This information can help with your vehicle diagnosis. If a customer brings in a vehicle while it’s having this intermittent malfunction, that will make fixing the problem easier.

In Peoria and the nearby areas. Mikes Tech Transmission has a stellar reputation. We’re known for our high-quality workmanship, superior customer service, and excellent work record. When it comes to auto electrical repair, we’re ready to help you. We’re willing to prove how we have earned our reputation to our new customers and to the customers who have used our service before.