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Why Get Your Fuel Injector Serviced Regularly?

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In this current day and age, we rely on our cars. We use them to get to work and earn a living, to drive our kids to school, or to take up to our favorite destinations and social engagements. Since we need our vehicles, it’s essential that we maintain our cars properly in order to extend their lifespan.

A solidly built vehicle can last for years on end if you keep it in good shape. However, even a high-end car will collapse within a few months if it’s used poorly or neglected. If you maintain your vehicle properly, you’ll not only allow your automobile to last longer, you’ll also find that proper maintenance can lead to saving money at the pump. Well, maintained cards get better fuel economy. They also require fewer major repairs. With fewer serious repairs and better fuel efficiency, you can save lots of money.

One area of note when it comes to vehicle maintenance is your fuel injection service. These devices are used to transform a relatively stable liquid fuel, such as diesel or gasoline, into a gaseous form that the engine transforms into power which keeps the engine going. Their maintenance is important if you want your car to run well. However, over extended periods of use, the fuel injectors get clogged with carbon build-up. That makes it difficult for oxygen and fuel to reach the engine. Fuel injector services must be performed every 20,000 to 30,000 miles, in order to keep them clean.

Common Problems Caused by Damaged Fuel Injectors

Hard Starting: Automobiles may have a hard time starting because they are not getting the oxygen and fuel mix they need to function properly. This can be caused by dirty fuel injectors. In severe cases, the engine may not start at all, although neglect at this level is uncommon.

Knocking Noises: Engine damage from poor oxygen and fuel combinations can cause your vehicle to start shaking and knocking, often leads to more serious damage if problems are left unattended for long. This tends to require serious, if not always extensive repairs.

Poor Gas Mileage: Less fuel is needed to reach the engine and simply go to waste. A dirty fuel injector may require the vehicle’s owner to spend more on gas to keep their vehicle going. This can add up quickly.

Where to Get Fuel Injectors Cleaned

Mike’s Tech Transmission is one of the best auto shops in the Phoenix area. Our garage houses a team of the best ASE certified mechanics in the Southwest. With our mobile auto repair service, we can tow your vehicle to our shop for free and fix it in our shop.

Keep the fuel injection system functional and clean. This is one of the many types of preventative maintenance services performed by our team of mechanics. We are proud of our work. We never suggest a procedure be done on your vehicle that doesn’t need to be done. Additionally, we are quite skilled, over the years, at discerning the underlying vehicle issues. We know exactly how to mend these issues. Contact us today to see how we can help you.