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In Peoria, Arizona having an air conditioner in your car is not so much a luxury as an absolute necessity, especially in the hottest parts of the summer. A quick ride across town can be a pleasant interlude or a grueling trial depending on how well your air conditioner is working.

Fortunately, Mike's Tech Transmission stands ready to assist the people of Peoria with all of their automotive AC repair work. Mike's is convenient for residents throughout the Peoria metro area, and we're equipped with all the tools and know-how required to bring your car air conditioner back up to its original effectiveness. You don't need to get sweaty driving underneath the Arizona sun; let us keep you cool!

The History Of Car Air Conditioners

Packard was the first car manufacturer to offer ready-made air conditioning units in its cars. After inventing the system in 1939, Packard started offering AC on its 1940 models. These earliest examples of the technology lacked some of the features that are considered standard today - most notably thermostats. Even with rudimentary controls, Packard's air conditioners were incredibly popular with drivers and passengers, AC became a popular option across all manufacturers, and by 1969 more new cars were being sold with air conditioners than without. At the same time, a thriving business in aftermarket AC units was helping budget-conscious owners upgrade their vehicles for greater driving comfort.

The last major change in car air conditioning came in 1996. The refrigerant used in car AC units for most of the 20th century, Freon, was found to cause unacceptable levels of environmental damage. This chlorofluorocarbon was blamed - rightly - for significant damage to the ozone layer. Since 1996, auto manufacturers have used HFC-134a (also known as R134a) to make their air conditioners work. Older cars needed to be upgraded to work with the newer, more ecologically-friendly refrigerant.

How Your Car A/C Works

Barring a few technological refinements along the way, automotive air conditioning has always worked the same way: It treats external air to lower its temperature and make it less humid before introducing it to the interior of the car. There are three major pieces of equipment needed to accomplish this job: the compressor, evaporator, and condenser. These main components are accompanied by an array of other parts and controls to help the system work more efficiently.

Many owners aren't that clear on the way their air conditioners work. The team at Mike's Tech Transmission is happy to handle auto education as well as repair work; we will explain your air conditioning issues to you thoroughly and give you pointers on avoiding future problems. We've been fixing air conditioning systems for many years, and we know how frustrating it can be to repeatedly deal with breakdowns in a poorly-understood system. That's why we stand behind the quality of our work, and we guarantee that we'll solve your AC problem when you turn your car over to us.

Common Issues With Automotive Air Conditioners

auto-ac-repair-phoenixWhen your car's AC system no longer operates at peak efficiency, the issue is often a lack of refrigerant pressure. Solving this problem is often just a matter of adding new refrigerant to the system (commonly called "recharging"). If the system is being drained by a leak, the solution can get more complex. Wondering if your AC is leaking? Look for an oily, grimy buildup on your condenser, compressor, or the hoses which connect them. In some systems, the refrigerant includes an ultraviolet dye that lends leaking fluid a greenish hue - diagnosing leaks in such systems is particularly easy.

Sometimes it's a failing compressor that compromises your vehicle's AC. When a compressor breaks down, it often spreads loose debris into the other portions of the system (i.e. the hoses, the accumulator, the condenser, and the evaporator). This can cause further damage if the situation isn't remedied; repairing this kind of AC fault quickly is particularly important. If your compressor squeals when you turn on your AC or you notice ticking or knocking sounds while the system is running, bring your car to Mike's Tech Transmission ASAP. We'll resolve the issue and get your air conditioner back to its best.

Whenever you have air conditioning issues in Peoria, AZ, trust Mike's Tech Transmission to help you solve them. We'll fix your automotive AC system right the first time so that you can stay cool out on the road.