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The check engine light is one of the most commonly misunderstood features of today's vehicle. This is certainly true for a majority of current drivers, which is most unfortunate since it potentially can save car owners lots of money in expensive repairs. Many car owners don't discover just how important this critical feature is until it's too late.

Why The Check Engine Light Is So Important

Basically the only thing you need to remember is that every time the service or check engine light becomes activated, you need to take your vehicle in to have some maintenance procedures performed. In Peoria, AZ is might be hard to find quality car repair, especially when you aren't sure what the service engine light is indicating after it turns on. That is most likely due to lack of understanding of how this component exactly works and what tends to trigger the check engine light to turn on in the first place. The check engine light is attached to your car's electronic control module (ECM). The ECM is essentially the brain that keeps the engine and other systems in your car functioning correctly. There are various sensors located throughout the vehicle that monitor the performance of the car's different systems, and transmit critical information to the ECM. Every time it is determined by the ECM that an activity falls short of factory standards, the check engine light is prompted to turn on.

Potential Triggers That Can Result In The Check Engine Light Turning On

At this point, you should already be aware that there could numerous potential situations that could cause the check engine light to become activated. The expert technicians who work at Mike's Tech Transmission have compiled a short list containing the most common factors that can result in the check engine light turning on.

Transmission Problem - If your transmission is overheating, it can easily cause the service engine light to turn on.

Loose Gas Cap - This might sound ridiculous, however failing to properly tighten the gas cap on many vehicles can result in the service engine light coming on.

Fuel Injectors - If the fuel injectors in your car are not function properly due to being too dirty, problems might result in the check engine light becoming activated.

Faulty Oxygen Sensor - Your car's O2 sensor measures the exhaust system's oxygen levels. If the sensor is faulty, it can produce readings that are inaccurate which can result in the check engine light turning on.

The Consequences Of Ignoring Check Engine Light Warnings

Many of today's drivers end up just ignoring the check light warnings because their cars appear to be still running fine, and there are no unusual sounds coming from their vehicles. This might be a convenient way to think, and might initially save you money, however the problem is, you don't realize that your car is starting to deteriorate already. There is a very good chance that very soon you will have an expensive car repair that you will have to deal with.

Here at Mike's Tech Transmission we believe it would be much less expensive if you brought your car in immediately to have it checked as soon as you notice your service engine light has turned on. Since the problem might not have worsened yet, your repairs could be much less expensive if you have your vehicle checked right away.

Driving your car when the check engine light is on has serious risks associated with it, some of them might even be very detrimental to your car's overall health. Some of the negative consequences that can result from continuing to drive with an activated check engine light include poor gas mileage, overheating engine or extensively damaged transmission system.

Another important sign to watch for is a flashing service engine light. If this occurs, take your car into a professional auto repair shop immediately since it can indicate a serious problem.

Your check engine light might be turned on right now. That doesn't mean that you necessarily have to panic and think that your car definitely will need to have a major repair. However, driving your car when it is in this condition might cause further damage to it. The smartest thing to do would be to get your car into Mike's Tech Transmission as soon as possible and have it checked.

Your car might only need to have an inexpensive and minor repair done. However, you won't know that for sure unless you allow us to thoroughly assess your car. It is much better to find out that there is just a minor problem with your car and have it fixed right away than allow the problem to deteriorate further and become an expensive repair job later on.