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A wheel alignment is always going to be important when you want to make sure that your vehicle is going to be safe on the road in terms of handling and overall operation. Misaligned wheels can lead the tires to premature deterioration as well, which can cause a major dent in your finances. Residents from the Peoria, AZ area do not have to go through such an ordeal when working with Mike's Tech Transmission. We will be happy to provide a much needed wheel alignment and any other related services to allow for a great deal of savings.

What To Watch Out For

It is important that you pay attention to the drift or pull with your vehicle. If it seems to be drifting too much to one side or the other, it is a telling sign that the wheels need an alignment. Another area to consider is the wear on the tires. Look for isolated or specific areas that look like the tire is worn down. If you believe your tires need to be aligned, you can let our professional mechanics at Mike's Tech Transmission take care of it for you.

Alignment Vs. Balancing

There are some people who are mistaken as to what balancing is versus wheel alignment. Wheel balancing is more to do with the distribution of the weight of the wheels to get the proper spin. A wheel alignment will involve the positioning of the wheels so that they sit perpendicularly on the road. It is good to remember that your wheels should be properly aligned at all times. If they go misaligned for a long period of time you are going to end up with undesirable wear patterns and the suspension could go through quite a bit of damage. This can cost you a whole lot more money to fix.

Proper Wheel Alignment Measuring

A proper wheel alignment may be measured using three levels, including camber, caster and toe. Each of these include the following:

Camber - This will be the degree in which wheel sit perpendicularly on the road. Severe camber misalignment could result in wheels that are extremely tilted, or even point inward or outward when you view the vehicle from the front side. Camber problems may result in early tire wear, which could likewise result in future problems with suspension.

Caster - Wheel position that originates from its axis is known as caster and it determines if the car is standing at the right height when viewed from the front and back. When you have worn out your suspension rings, the caster could be affected a great deal. The vehicle will start to gradually settle into either a positive or negative caster, which means that it will result in your vehicle either pulling to the right or left.

Toe - Toe is the measurement of the degree at which your wheels will either point in or out. A number of cars today will have a small level of toe, which makes it possible for the wheels to have a more parallel rotation in relation to each other. If there is any toe misalignment, even by a small degree, the driver will usually have vibration that goes throughout the vehicle while it is going down the road. Any inequalities in toe will likely lead to the tires wearing down in a feathered fashion.