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Whether your brakes do not respond to touch, squeal each time you step on them lightly or feel a bit mushy, you can rely on Mike's Tech Transmissions to solve the problem in a cost-effective manner. Our shop is the leading brake specialist in the Peoria, Arizona area that you can depend on for high-quality brake repair whenever you need it.

Safety Mechanism

It isn't hard to understand why brakes are one of the most critical systems in your vehicle, especially when it comes to driving safety. That is why it is so critical for you to thoroughly understand how your brakes function to ensure that you and any passengers in your car are safe at all times when you are driving. Malfunctioning brakes almost always lead to an accident of some kind. Therefore, you need to always ensure that your brakes are in top condition before driving your car.

Types of Brakes

There are several different kinds of brakes available. However, they tend to be classified into three major categories - anti-lock, disc and drum brakes. Although the different types of brakes use different technologies in order to function, all of them are using the same principles to ensure that your vehicle stops completely, no matter how fast you might be driving at the time.

How Brakes Work

To learn quickly how a car's brakes work, you need to understand that the whole system works based on friction. When your foot applies pressure it is moved down a hydraulic fluid lining that amplifies the force coming from your foot. The pressure is applied to the brake pads. This is turn stops the wheels of your car from spinning. Friction equals heat, and heat in turn results in wear.

Common Brake Problems

In order to ensure that your brakes don't end up getting worn out past being useful, there are several things you need to look for, including the following:

- Brake Pressure - As soon as you notice the brake pedal falling too low when you step on it, or you need to use unnecessary force to apply pressure, then you might have a brake fluid contamination problem. Although brake fluid is stored within a vacuum-tight environment, some factors can allow air or rust to penetrate into the system and cause problems. The issue can easily be resolved by having your brake lines bled and then either calibrate the vacuum level of the brake booster or replace the fluid.

- Noisy Brakes - If there are any unusual noises being produced by your braking system, then that is usually a sign of a developing problem. Your brakes should be checked immediately anytime you hear a sharp whine, low groan or clunking sound. Any noise that you hear should be taken as a sign of an upcoming brake problem and a symptom of your brakes getting worn down to the extent that the car is unsafe to drive. You can also take advantage of the free towing service offered by Mike's Tech Transmission to ensure your car gets checked as soon as possible.

- Pulling or Grabbing Brakes - After the brake pedal gets released once you step on it, the brakes need to let go immediately and let the wheels spin freely. If the brakes keep holding after you have released the pedal, most likely you have either a malfunctioning brake disc or damaged brake pads.

Why Choose Mike's Tech Transmission

As mentioned previously, in general there are three kinds of brakes: disc brakes, anti-lock and drum brakes. No matter what type of brake is installed in your vehicle, you can be confident that Mike's Tech Transmission will be able to repair or replace your brakes. The expert mechanics on our staff will take very good care of your car and ensure that it comes to a smooth and complete stop each time you step on your brake pedal, no matter what type of driving situation you encounter.

In the event that you have damaged brakes so that your car is unsafe to take out on the road and it's impossible to drive to our shop safely, don't worry. We offer both new and existing customers with free towing. Just give us a call so that we can show you why our company is considered to be the leading brake expert in the area and the one-stop-shop for all Peoria, AZ brake system needs.

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