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An alternator is the kind of part that you may never think about fixing or getting checked on your vehicle until there is some sort of issue. When you have a alternator that begins acting up, you will notice quickly as there will not only be a lack in performance, but the battery will begin to die. You will notice that the air conditioner, radio and everything else that runs off electrical power will start to shut down.

What The Alternator Does

The main function of an alternator is to provide your battery with a constant charging source. This is due to the alternator spinning and generating an electrical charge that is based off of the engine running and getting electricity running to it. Your alternator is also going to be crucial in making certain that the battery has enough charge to offer extra battery power to get your vehicle started. If the alternator begins to fail, you will notice the battery may not have the power needed to start up the vehicle. This will make it difficult on you and can leave you stranded.

Signs Of A Failing Alternator

Once you notice any of these signs, you will need to give us a call. We will be able to perform an inspection of the alternator and let you know if there is some sort of issue that we can fix, or if it is more of a problem that requires a brand new alternator.

- Any difficulty with starting the vehicle could be a tell tale sign that the alternator is going bad. This could also be an indicator that the batter is also going bad. However, our professional technicians will test your battery as well as the alternator so that you get the fix you need instead of going through with a part that may not be the right one needing to be fixed.

- The headlights are going to be important for driving at night. However, a good sign that the alternator is failing is that you could have difficulty seeing, as the headlights will dim down lower than what they are usually. This will be due to a heavy battery load being drawn and it is making it hard for your headlights to remain powered up.

- If you notice that the electrical devices are not working right, it can be an indicator that something is wrong. For example, the radio may not work or your cell phone charger is not giving enough juice. These things all run on your battery and if it goes too low from an issue with the alternator not fully charging it, there will be failures that follow.

The Cost Of Alternator Repairs

The question of pricing is one that we get quite often. The expensive factor when doing an alternator repair will be for the parts, as they are very important to your vehicle's function. The manufacturer's know this and they have high prices on them. Outside of the parts, the labor is not going to be all that expensive. You will fin that Mike's Tech Transmission will be very reasonable when it comes to your vehicle repairs.

Driving your vehicle, you want everything to go smoothly. However, whenever you find that problems develop over time, you can count on us to give you the alternator repairs and any other repairs that you need. Our friendly, professional staff of expert technicians at Mike's Tech Transmission will always be there to offer you nothing but the best pricing, repairs and customer service in the industry today. It is why we have such a long list of happy customers that come back time and again.