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Here at Mike's Tech Transmission, we offer the highest quality transmission maintenance, diagnostics, rebuilding and repair services at very affordable prices. Our ASE Certified technicians will assist you with determining what the problem is with your transmission. We are able to service any model or make of truck or car transmission.

Transmission Repair Services Offered By Mike's Tech Transmission

The transmission in your car is one of the most critical systems in a vehicle. Without a transmission, the engine would not be able to provide the wheels with power, and your vehicle wouldn't be able to transport you to the places where you need to go. However, this system is often overlooked. Although experts recommend that the transmission be serviced every 50,000 miles, many drivers fail to take this step and don't notice until they already have a serious transmission problem. It might be too late by then.

Here at Mike's Tech Transmission, we strongly believe that prevention is a lot less expensive than replacement and repairs. Therefore, we will be providing you with some very important information here that can help you better understand your vehicle's transmission, its functions and its parts so that you will be able to better appreciate what it does for your vehicle and what its true value really is.

Transmission System Parts

The following are the main parts that make of a vehicle's transmission system as well as a description of how they work:

  • Fluid - Whether your vehicle has a manual or automatic transmission, to function optimally it needs fluid. Without fluid, the whole transmission system stops working, and this will result in your car not running correctly.
  • Filter - There is a filter installed in a car's transmission to keep the fluid clean. In addition, it helps to make sure the gears shift smoothly.
  • Gears - The transmission of a car has several gears inside of it that shift on a regular basis, even when you have an automatic transmission. There are two main types of gears, main and planetary gears, which are all needed for a smooth drive.
  • Bell Housing - This is the place that protects the internal components of the transmission, including the flywheel and torque converter. The bell housing is bolted directly onto the engine block. It may be located in different parts of a vehicle, depending on whether it is front wheel, rear wheel or 4-wheel drive.


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Why Regular Transmission Maintenance Is So Important

Transmission repair experts, such as Mike's Tech Transmission in Peoria, AZ, recommend that car owner do not ignore their car's transmission system and let it deteriorate. It is critical to pay close attention to it, particularly if it starts to act up. Transmission repair or replacement can be very expensive. Performing maintenance on a regular basis, can help you extend your transmission system's useful life significantly, and in the process save you lots of money.

Basic Transmission Troubleshooting

If your transmission starts to not run as smooth as it should, the first thing you can do to troubleshoot is to check the fluid levels. You need to do this several times since one check might not be that accurate. If the fluid level is lower than normal, there might be a slow leak. This can cause serious damage to your transmission, especially if the fluid drops down to a level that causes excessive wear. However, a fast leak is very noticeable, so you will need to get the problem solved immediately.

Drive Train or Comprehensive Transmission Problem Analysis

We provide comprehensive problem analysis of either your drive train or transmission here at Mike's Tech Transmission. Our service covers all of the following:

  • Fluid Levels: Your vehicle's transmission fluid level is crucial to the system's life. It acts as a hydraulic fluid, lubricant and coolant. It needs to be free of particles and debris, clear in color and odorless.
  • Road Test - While taking your car on a road test, we check for variances in gear shifting sequences, slipping and operating ranges. We recommend that you go on the road test with our driver or technician so that the proceedings can be explained to you.
  • Engine Operation - We check your car's engine for any potential problems that might relate to your transmission. Transmission efficiency can definitely be affected if the engine isn't operating smoothly. Our technician can identify what the problem is, and whether it is related to either the transmission or engine.
  • Axles, Boots, CV Joints, etc.: When a universal is malfunctioning it can make your car shake or create an unwanted noise. It is only a minor part and is easy to replace. However, the CV joints boots might cost more to replace, however they can also produce similar adverse effects.
  • Transmission and Engine Mounts - When the engine or transmission are not mounted properly they will run under power, and the transmission's shifting sequences will be negatively affected.
  • Seeps and Leaks: Those might be due to bad seals or loose connections, and might cause significant fluid loss. Usually these are easily repaired; however, the smooth operation of your vehicle might suffer if they are neglected.
  • Drive Shaft and Undercarriage: When these mechanical parts malfunction, it may lead to problems that appear to be related to your transmission. However, usually the cause is another car system or component.
  • Transmission Linkage Check: Improper shifting might be caused by worn or damaged parts. Sequence and computer processing might be affected as well.
  • Cooling System Operation: Your vehicle's cooling system maintains the car engine's temperature within its normal operational range. Unfortunately, the transmission's operating temperature cannot be monitored from your instrumental panel. It your transmission overheats it can be completely damaged. We will check to ensure that it doesn't overheat. We will also check other areas for leaks like the brake cylinders and power steering.
  • Differential Operation: Gear or bearing noise and leaks are sure signs that your car has problems. We can check your vehicle for any unusual noises, and repair the problem before any further damage occurs.
  • Transmission Pan: We will drop the transmission pan to check to ensure there aren't any excess metals in the pan or filter. If any broken metal is discovered in the pan, further checks will made of the internal parts of the transmission. Larger metal pieces come from transmission parts that are damaged. The problem can worsen, and cause more interior damage. Once that occurs, more extensive repairs will be required, and they will be more expensive.

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