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Potential Coolant and Radiator Problems You Might Have

The best way of saving money on car parts replacements and repairs is definitely to take good care of your car and properly maintain it. After all, a majority of vehicle systems, including the cooling system and radiator, can be quite expensive to repair. If you follow a couple of easy steps, you could potentially save a lot, in valuable time as well as money.

Peoria, AZ area car owners know that the go-to shop for all of their coolant and radiator problems is Mike's Tech Transmission. The expert team at the shop completely understand how critical it is to stay calm and collected in everything that we do, which can be hard to do when your vehicle is overheating.

Why The Radiator Is So Important

Although the radiator isn't considered to be one of your car's most complex components, it still is capable of causing extensive damage to other systems in the vehicle if it is simply ignored and its condition isn't checked occasionally.

However, by taking just a couple of simple steps, you can ensure your radiator doesn't end up costing you a lot of money in parts replacements and repairs. One very easy away of avoiding this is every other year to have your radiator coolant flushed out. Unfortunately, this basic preventive measure is one that not many vehicle owners are aware of.

Common Radiator Problems And How To Solve Them

Expert mechanics who work at Mike's Tech Transmission have been able to identify some of the most common problems encountered by their customers. Those issues can cause a radiator to function at a sub-optimum level, and could lead to overheating in some cases.

- Failure to Check Coolant Levels - Problems often occur because car owners fail to perform the simple and basic task of checking to ensure that their car has the proper coolant levels. This kind of negligence can place a great deal of pressure on a car's radiator and could also cause it to overheat. The radiator fins could also start to rust in some cases. Experts recommend that before going on long drives that you make sure the coolant level is correct.

- Bottom Radiator Hose Collapses - Generally speaking, a radiator hose might collapse once the hose is subjected to a lot of wear and tear. It can also occur whenever slight vacuums form due to the coolant contracting and expanding.

Basic Solution For Overheating Problems

If for whatever reason your car starts to overheat, one effective solution for flushing out the heat from your radiator is simply turning on your car's heater. Let it run until the radiator has cooled down. It could be scorching hot inside your car and could be uncomfortable. However, this can help save your vehicle from having a total meltdown. Over the long run, this slight inconvenience could end up saving you a lot of money.

Expert Service vs DIY

You might think you can perform all of the repair procedures that are necessary by yourself, right inside of your own garage. Yes you can, especially if you happen to be good at DIY jobs. However, your home's garage might not be fully equipped with all of the tools you need to do an effective job.

However, a radiator expert such as Mike's Tech Transmission will have all of the needed equipment, tools, training and expertise to carry out all of the needed repair procedures with total precision and speed.

Why Choose Mike's Tech Transmission

You must properly dispose of any used coolant since it can harm the environment. Our shop is thoroughly familiar with the proper way of disposing of coolant in addition to other harmful substance while having the least impact on our environment.

Most importantly, for busy people like you, we can deliver our services in a very timely fashion so that you can perform all of your regular tasks. It doesn't whether you happen to be just passing through or live in Peoria. You can rest assured that you don't have anything to worry about when it comes to the potentially nightmarish scenario of your car overheating. We can send a tow truck out to bring your car over to our shop. If we do the repair work this is free of charge! In no time your car will be back out on the road and in tiptop condition.